Welcome to The Official Website of Arthur Blessitt
Welcome to The Official Website of Arthur Blessitt
The man who carried the cross around the world in every nation and is listed in the Guinness World Records for the world's longest walk over 41,323 miles in '323 countries, islands groups & territories' for 46 years. First carried the cross 1968. Story & photos of the cross in every nation.
First day of the world crosswalk, Dec. 25, 1969 from Hollywood, CA
 “Jesus did it. All Glory to God!" 
Still Walking Carrying the Cross Around the World in 2015
The Longest Walk
"The Glory of the Coming of the Lord is at hand!"
One of the Top Ten Incredible Travel Feats MSN​.ca Travel
Surely the toughest endurance exercise ever undertaken
by The Independent Newspaper UK
Copyright 2015 Arthur Blessitt

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 Guinness World Records Book 2015 "Longest Ongoing Pilgrimage" page155.​ Arthur's Guinness Records

"The Cross, the Arthur Blessitt Story" "Free" Viewing of full length movie on YouTube

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