The Longest Walk! This is the 50th year of me carrying the cross around the world in every nation. 1968-2018. The Guinness World Record for the longest walk/pilgrimage. Over 42,279 miles (68,041 km) in 324 countries, island groups & territories. 84.5 million steps and over 19 billion pounds carried. Sharing Jesus, the cross and the gospel message. My wife Denise has driven in front with supplies and has been with me in 294 countries. I’m still walking in 2018! We are just pilgrims, donkeys lifting up the cross and Jesus. God bless you.
Arthur and Denise Blessitt
(Read my 50th year reflections here)


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The Message of the Cross


50th Year Collection

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    The god of self: The arrogance of the human mind in trusting their perception of God and His character is greater than God’s revelation of Himself as revealed in the Holy Scripture in the Bible is astounding yet common today. Many people think their view of God, is the way God is!… Not how God is revealed […]

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  • “Jesus and Me”

    “Jesus and Me” Jesus, you are my Life My Love The Air I breathe The Water I drink The Bread I eat The Cross I carry The Song I sing The Reason for my everything The Essences of my being The Fulfillment of desire The Everything above all else In You I Live and move […]

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  • 50th Year Reflections of Carrying the Cross by Arthur Blessitt

    50th Year Reflections of Carrying the Cross by Arthur Blessitt! I start the 50th year of walking carrying a 12 foot cross around the world at the age of 77. 1968-2018. My mind is focused on Jesus! 84.5 million steps, over 19 billion pounds carried. Over 42,279 miles (68,041 km) including every nation, major island group […]

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