Arthur Blessitt in Guinness World Records For World's longest Walk & Greatest Documented Lifetime Mileage

In 2015 I'm still walking carrying the cross!!!! Glory! I'm now 74 years old.
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I was first accepted into the Guinness World Records in 1996 for the longest walk. The mileage and the nations have continued to build as I have been walking on with the cross for Jesus. The walking distance as of July, 2014 is: over 41,552 miles (66,871 km) in '323 nations, island groups and territories'. This includes every sovereign nation. I made the cross in early 1968 and carried the cross along the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Then left on the walk across America and on to the world Dec. 25, 1969. We completed every nation, major inhabited island group on June 13, 2008. We still carry the cross on special crosswalks around the world. The 2015 Guinness Records list me "As the longest ongoing pilgrimage/walk in history" Listed in the New Guinness World Records 2015 page 155.

The people at Guinness Book have been so wonderful to me from the very start. Everyone is kind and helpful. I am deeply honored to be a part of Guinness World Records holders.

November 16, 2004 Guinness celebrated their 50th anniversary at a wonderful celebration in New York City. I was one of the special guests. I met many record holders and many of the staff of Guinness Books. They presented me with a new document “Walking — the Greatest Documented Lifetime Mileage' and a celebration medallion to wear around my neck.

Thanks Guinness for all your kindness and the honor of being recognized in your book of records for these many years.
The walk that I have been on for all these years has been because of the call of Jesus to walk with the cross around the world and in every nation and to identify His message with the people where they are. It is a walk of love, peace and Jesus for all peoples.

Guinness has recognized the walking record but both in print and photo they also state that I walk with a cross and preach from the Bible. This is most honorable and I deeply thank them for it. The have also acknowledged that my wife Denise also travels with me. I would like to add that my wife Denise has been with me in 293 nations. She drives in front with supplies and water. Denise is the most wonderful woman in the world and fearless. She has driven in over 140 nations, more than the current Guinness record but has not yet documented it.

Thanks to all the wonderful people of the world in every nation and far off island groups. Thanks for the food, bed, love and refreshment. Thanks for taking a pilgrim into your village, town, city, nation and your homes and hearts. I love you all.

Thanks also to all the faithful supporters of this mission who have given of their resources to pay our expenses and covered us with love and prayers all along the way.
Most of all I want to say, “Jesus did it" Jesus has been with me every step. All glory to God.

Thank you Mr. Alistair Richards the Chief Operating Officer of Guinness World Records for permission to post this information and for the Guinness emblem, the photos and records.

Just know that 'all glory and honor is unto the Lord God' Jesus is worthy! We cast every thing at the feet of Jesus.
Peace and blessings, 

Pilgrim followers of Jesus, Arthur Blessitt 

Luke 18:1 

Again, thank you Guinness Records Book. God bless you.