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The Cross Museum

“The Cross Museum of Arthur and Denise is now open.

The Ultimate Reality Story! Memories from the World’s Longest Walk. If you saw “The Cross, the Arthur Blessitt Story” in Theaters, online or DVD & liked it…This is a must. Open Now! Untold stories, photos, video and artifacts never seen! Go view & then come back and comment. Share with your friends. It’s all about Jesus & the Cross. Jesus did it. All glory to God.  http://www.thecrossmuseum.com

This is a historic first. A look at the stories behind the stories. If you liked The Cross movie you will love this.

Jesus did it. All Glory to God. You can spend hours looking around and being challenged to follow Jesus…always….anywhere He leads.

Arthur and Denise Blessitt, Luke 18:1

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