Intimacy with God and Witness to others!

I ask myself and you to consider these two points. Intimacy with God and Witness to others. God desires a close fellowship and intimacy with His human creation (you and me). God said to Moses, “I will go with you and give you rest.” Paul said, “That I may ‘know’ Him.” Jesus said, “I will be […]

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God desires a close Intimate fellowship with us.

God desires a close ‘intimate’ fellowship with us. Adam & Eve had that but sin broke it. Jesus on the cross shedding His Holy Blood & His resurrection restores the believer. We can live in a glorious relationship with Jesus Now! We are to witness Jesus to others in the power of the Holy Spirit […]

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Have a Blessed Jesus Christmas and New Year!

We celebrate the birth of Jesus! The Word became Flesh! Good News and Hope! Glory. Jesus was put in a wooden manger and died on a wooden cross for our sins. We invite you to believe and repent of your sins and put your faith in Jesus and be saved. Those who are now followers […]

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